Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will replace the Disability Living Allowance from April 2013. It will be made up of 2 components, a Daily Living component and a mobility component. Each component will have 2 rates, a standard rate and and enhanced rate. Claims for PIP will be taken for new clients from June 2013. People receiving Disability Living Allowance (DLA) will need to make a claim for PIP, they will not be automatically transferred. The Department for Works and Pensions will write to all recipients of DLA to let them know when they can make a claim for PIP.Everyone will need to be individually assessed against the new entitlement criteria. All DLA recipients will be contacted about their reassessment by March 2016,

The Department for Work and Pensions has produced the following documents to give information and advice.

To read the latest leaflet from DWP on PIP (produced 11 March 2013)

A Frequently Asked Questions booklet concerning the Personal Independence Payment FAQ  (updated 22 October 2012)

Personal Independence Payments (PIP): The Claimant Journey.This is for new claims and existing DLA claimants and covers “Thinking abut Claiming”, “Making the Claim”, “Telling your Story” and “Assessment” PIP: The Claimant Journey (updated 31 August 2012)

A Quick Guide to Personal Independence Payments (PIP) Quick guide to PIP (updated 25th September 2012)

Personal Independence -  Myth Buster PIP Myth Buster (updated August 2012)

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