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Jenny Morris reflects on what progress has been made in addressing the inequalities and social injustice experienced by disabled people and why such progress was limited in a Viewpoint, a report produced by Joseph Rowntree Foundation.  Jenny Morris Viewpoint

Skills for Care have produced  Partnership for personalisation guide which will help you as an employer to think about:

- your definition of what a successful working partnership could or should be ways of working out what sort of person are you looking for

- how you want the personal assistant to be able to provide a good quality service.

Employing a Personal Assistant booklet

Skills for Care has updated the Personal Assistant toolkit, which we produced specifically for people who employ their own Personal Assistants.

The booklet gives advice from recruitment and interview to employment. It gives sample documents including blank advertisements, letters, job descriptions and employment contracts which you can download and use. These are just samples and can be added to or amended as necessary but please be aware that you must abide by employment laws. Details of these are in the booklets and explained in more details on this page. You can download the booklets as required from the links below.

Benefits of employing a Personal Assistant

Recruiting a Personal Assistant

Before your Personal Assistant starts

Managing your Personal Assistant

Training and Qualifications

Sorting out problems

There are also downloadable templates for you to use:

Sample job description and person specification
Blank job description and personal specification
Sample job advert
Sample application form
Interview checklist and sample interview questions
Sample letter inviting people for an interview
Sample letter telling people they are not being invited to an interview
Sample letter asking for a reference
Sample letter offering job
Sample letter turning down applicant
List of documents to prove the legal right to work in the UK
Sample contract of employment
Safety in the home checklist
Sample risk assessment
Sample disciplinary form
Sample grievance procedure

Direct payments and personal budgets for social care

An updated (2nd November 2012) report from the House of Commons library has been released, which gives a brief overview of the rules governing the provision and use of direct payments for social care and provides information on the development of personal budgets for care.

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