Questions before you decide to receive Direct Payments

Questions and points you should discuss with your local Council before
you decide to receive Direct Payments.
• What services the Direct Payments are meant to cover;
• The value of Direct Payments you will receive;
• How much you will be expected to contribute to the cost of care;
• How you intend to use the money to secure services to meet your needs;
• Whether you need help to manage your Direct Payments and where you can get help;
• What the money may and may not be spent on and how much flexibility will be allowed;
• What changes to the way you secure services would the local Council expect to agree in advance;
• Back-up arrangements to cover emergencies;
• What steps should be undertaken to safeguard the welfare of children;
• How often and in what form payments will be made;
• What information you will need to give the Council about how the money is spent;
•  The arrangements the local Council proposes for monitoring;
• Any conditions attached to Direct Payments;
• The date when your arrangements will next be reviewed
• The circumstances in which your local Council will consider discontinuing Direct Payments;
• The period of notice the Council will give you if it decides to discontinue Direct Payments and the circumstances under which it would stop payments immediately;
• How many outstanding commitments will be handled if Direct Payments are discontinued;
• The circumstances in which the local Council would seek repayment.

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