Agency PA Questions

If you are contacting an agency to provide you with a PA/s you might find it helpful to ask some of the following questions before making a decision:

• What services are available?
• What charges will be made?
• Is the price all inclusive or are there any extras for example VAT, National Insurance or travelling expenses?
• Is there a minimum service that has to be bought?
• Can I choose the person who will be supporting me?
• Can I expect to see the same person on a regular basis?
• What if the regular person is sick or on holiday?
• Can the organisation be contacted at all times when support is being provided?
• How can I contact the out-of-hours emergency service? And is there an extra charge for this?
• If I am not satisfied with the service I receive how can I complain?
• What obligations will I have if I cancel the service?
• Does the organisation have full professional and employer’s liability insurance?
• Does the organisation work to a recognised code of practice?
• How are the agency’s staff recruited?
• Are the Agency’s staff required to give references?
• What training are the agency’s staff given?
• What evidence can I see that the employees have had police checks?

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