Case Studies

Case Study One – London Sash Window Repairs Ltd

London Sash Window Repairs LTD
75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden
Telephone: 020 3318 4912

London Sash Window Repairs Ltd required the assistance of a personal assistant to cover for their absent in house staff. They were concerned that because the nature of their sash window repair, draught proofing, and double glazing is so specialist that it would be far too much for our cover staff to learn and understand the full extent of their business.

I asked for their website and simply read their homepage Within a few hours are staff had the basic understanding of sash window repairs, and draught proofing. We did not fully understand the details of double glazing sash windows and all the various options that are available to their clients, but we got more than a good enough grasp to be useful on the phone. When someone wanted sash window restoration or refurbishment we were able to direct them to the relevant department with no problem at all. Because we take the time to learn your business at Personal Assistants Network, you will have a valuable member of staff on your team.

This business is extremely niche and with sash window repair and renovation being such a specific topic you need not be concerned with us not being able to connect to your clients. We will do everything that is within our power to give you the very best service possible.

London Sash Window Repairs Ltd Manager James Gaskin would be contactable as a reference for the time we spent helping them with sash window repairs and draught proofing enquiries. It was a pleasure to join a business that takes a great deal of pride in their work and the service they provide the client, after all, not all companies would go to such great lengths to help their customers. They would simply turn on the answerphone or find a VA!