The Personal Assistants Network is an information site designed to provide information and guidance for the following people:

  • Personal Assistants (P.A.s) in Social Care
  • People who already employ a P.A. or would like to
  • People who would like to become a P.A. in Social Care

Giving money instead of services gives people greater control over their lives and provides the means to decide how and when that care is provided, usually by employing a Personal Assistant (P.A.) directly or through an agency.

For those that already are, or considering becoming, a Personal Assistant in Social Care, this site will give advice on Legal Rights of an Employee and the Legal Responsibilites of an Employer. It will give some idea of the sorts of jobs a P.A. may be asked to do. It will signpost to sources of help and support. It will offer the chance to share ideas and best practice with other P.A.s through the e-Forum. The website will be used to give information regarding any relevant training which may be available and the views of its members will be sought on a variety of issues.

For people already receiving or in the process of applying for Social care, this site will help to explain more about Direct Payments. It will give information which can help in making the decision whether to employ a Personal Assistant directly or through an Agency. It will keep you up to date with new legislation involving leave entitlement, pension schemes ad Tax and NIC. There are many people who will be able to give advice and support and you will find contact details or advice on how to find them on this website.


PA Net is a network for P.A.s and P.A. employers and membership is FREE.

As a member of PA Net you will be invited to join the PA Net E-forums where you get the chance to discuss issues and problems with others in the same situation. You will be able to ask or give advice to others on how to handle a tricky issue or how to get through the ‘red tape’ and paperwork.

The PA Net website offers researched information on anything from Employment Law to guidance on how to perform certain support tasks.

PA Net is a membership network and will be steered by its members. Feedback is most welcome.

Please note that we no longer have the same level of administration support but we will endeavour to keep this website as up to date as possible.

What do I get if I join PA Net?
  • Access to the PA Net forum
  • Information on policy changes, new legislation, training and more straight to your inbox


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