Personal Assistants Network aim to provide all business with affordable and professional PA Services. We can provide full on, in house solutions as well as simple telephone personal assistants. If you still aren’t convinced then why not take a look at our case studies. All the companies listed on our case studies page will be more than happy to verify the effectiveness of our service.

Personal Assistants Network will assist all business activity of a normal secretary or in house member of staff, but with the flexibility of only paying when you need the our services. By using Personal Assistants Network you guarantee your business will not compromise on quality.

We provide a range of assistant services – mainly during office hours, however, since we have staff in other areas of the world we can provide a comprehensive, around the clock phone and secretarial service. Our assistants are all trained extensively in house and before being hand picked for your personal project will be briefed on how best to help your situations.

If you trust us with your secretarial duties, rest assured, the word assistant to us, means assistant to an important job. This is not a service we take lightly and some of our staff have worked on prestigious projects of high value to the client, where in house staff would not be appropriate for just a couple of weeks of work.

If you’d like to know more about now Personal Assistants Network will improve the quality of your business and reduce your costs, feel free to contact us today for a no obligation quote and appraisal of your situation. We cake all circumstances into consideration and asses each case on it’s own merit to be certain we can offer you the best service possible.

We have three key services; telephone answering, data entry, and on site secretarial work for shorter contracts.

Telephone Service – Virtual Assistants

Do you just need a virtual assistant? If you simply need the phone answered while your at work then do not hesitate to use our service. The calls will be answered timely, and your company brand will be introduced all for a small monthly fee and per minute payment. You do not pay for false advertising calls either.


Data Entry – Virtual Assistants

Are you in London and you need a virtual assistant to do the ugly data entry? No one likes it but it’s one of the most important jobs behind the scenes that makes the whole thing keep ticking without hiccup. Our rates can be agreed daily, or weekly. On occasion for much larger on going work, we may be able to agree extended in house staff.


On site secretarial personal assistant roles

We can provide high quality staff to cover absentees as well as a longer term solution for your personal assistant roles. Please note that high end staff can be provided and all the relevant security checks are made our end leaving you piece of mind without having to waste time on hiring and vetting.

If you’d like to work with Personal Assistants Network then please feel free to send us an email and we can workout a personal assistant service tailored to you.

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